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Players sit close together in a circle. Everyone places both hands on the table in front of them, palms down. They then cross their arms so that their left hand is on the right and their right hand is on their left.

Then, they stretch their arms apart so that both their hands are in front of the people sat either side, and those people have their hands in front of them.

The game can now begin: one person calls out “To my left” or “To my right” and slaps the table with one of their hands. A slapping wave must then propagate around the table in the specified direction as each person slaps their hands in sequence.

Anybody who fails to slap their hand at the right time, or slaps their hand at the wrong time, drinks three fingers.

As confidence increases, more elements can be added. For example, if someone does a ‘double slap’ – slapping the table twice – then the direction of the wave reverses, and a ‘triple slap’ causes the next hand to be skipped.

Also, if a player clenches their fist and hits the table with their knuckles instead of slapping the table, they can call out another player’s name and their right or left hand and the play skips to that player’s hand, with the direction of play kept the same. e.g. calling “John Right!” shifts the play to John’s right hand.

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