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Ring of Fire

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This is a game of drinking games within a game using a pack of cards. Each card means a different thing and the aim is to try not to break the Ring Of Fire.

At the start of the game the pack of cards is spread out in a ring (the Ring Of Fire) so that there are no gaps in the ring. A large glass is placed in the middle. This is shown below:

Each player takes in turn to pull out a card. Each card means something different and this is explained below. The aim is to try to keep the ring of cards intact – i.e. so that no gap appears between any of the cards in the ring.

The first person to create a gap has broken the Ring Of Fire. You may not re-arrange other cards to attempt to keep the ring unbroken. The breaker of the ring must down whatever is in the glass in the middle of the table at that time.

Each card is allocated a different meaning. These can be varied but a common, and good, allocation is:

ACE Drink one finger If the card is red, the person picking the card must drink. If the card is black, they may nominate someone else to drink the penalty.
2 Drink two fingers As for ACE but two fingers.
3 Drink three fingers As for ACE but three fingers.
4 Drink four fingers As for ACE but four fingers.
5 Drink five fingers As for ACE but five fingers.
6 21s Play a game of 21s.
7 The Frog Jumped In The Pond Play a game of The Frog Jumped In The Pond.
8 Pose Master See Pose Master for rules. The only difference is that the holder of this card remains as Pose Master until another 8 is picked up.
9 Toilet Card Only a player holding one of these may go to the toilet until the game finishes. Once it has been used, it is discarded.
10 Human Beat Box The person to the right of whoever picks this starts up a human beat box rap beat. The picker of the card then ‘raps’ a line ending in a word fairly easy to rhyme to. The person to their left then raps another line, which must rhyme with the first. This passes around the circle and carries on going. If anyone can’t rap a rhyming line, or repeats a rhyming word already used, they must drink three fingers.
J Jackanory: Tell A Story Starting with the card holder and going round, each person adds one word to a story. Each person must repeat the whole story each time. The first person to make a mistake drinks 3 fingers.
Q Question Master See Question Master for rules. Whoever picks up the Queen is Question Master until another Queen is picked up.
K Dirty Pint Whoever picks a King can add however much of their drink they like to the glass in the middle of the Ring Of Fire. If the ring has already been broken, then play a game of Dirty Pint.

As stated, these are just suggestions of the card allocations. Other games you may wish to play for certain cards are:

  • A game of Yee-Haa!
  • A game of Silent Flair Cricket
  • Waterfall – everyone starts drinking at the same time. Whoever drew the card can stop drinking when they wish. The person to their left may not stop until they do. The person to this next person’s left must again not stop drinking until they have. This carries on around until the last person has stopped drinking.
  • Slap – whoever picks up this card immediately slaps their hand to their forehead. The last person to do likewise drinks three fingers.

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