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This game is played over the course of a pub crawl. The ‘crawl’ should consist of 18 different pubs or bars, each representing a golf hole. Before the game, a score card should be produced which specifies the order of the pubs and which drink should be drunk at each pub. Only one drink is allocated in each pub.

In each pub, players get their drink and the score they get on that ‘hole’ is the number of swigs it takes for them to finish their drink. This score is noted on that player’s scorecard.

By the end of the pub crawl the person with the lowest score is declared the winner. The person with the highest score loses and must suffer the penalty decided beforehand.

This game is often made even more fun if the players dress up in golfing gear!

Remember, allocate a sober driver to take you between pubs, or book a tour bus for a great trip out!

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