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Name That Tune

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This simple game involves naming the tune and the artist from a piece of music. Get it wrong and you risk the drinking forfeits!

This is best played with an mp3 player or media player on a computer.

At the start of each round a DJ is selected. Each person then takes it in turns to take their turn. The DJ plays 15 seconds of a chosen song. The person whose turn it is must guess the name of the song and the artist.

If they guess the song and artist correctly then all other players, including the DJ, drink three fingers.

If the person only gets the song or artist correct then everyone drinks one finger.

If the person gets neither the song nor artist correctly then they have to down the rest of their drink.

Players can ask to hear more of the song, but incur an extra penalty of one finger for every extra 5 seconds of the song they hear, regardless of whether they subsequently guess it correctly or not.

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