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A drinking game played around a circle of people using celebrity names.

The starting player thinks of any well-known celebrity or famous person and says “To my left…” or “To my right…” followed by the name of the celebrity. Play is then passed on to the person on his/her left or right as stated.

It is then up to that person to come up with another celebrity name, using the first letter of the previous celebrity’s surname as the first letter of the the new celebrity’s firstname. So, for example, if the first person said “Bill Clinton”, the next person would have to think of someone whose first name began with the letter ‘C’ – “Christina Aguilera” for example. Play then continues in the same direction around the circle. So in this example the next person along would think of someone whose firstname began with an ‘A’.

When it is a player’s turn and they are thinking of somebody’s name, they must “Drink while you think”. That is, from the start of their go until they say the name out loud, they must be drinking whatever drink they have on the go at the time.

If someone says a famous person who has a firstname and surname starting with the same letter (e.g. Sylvester Stallone), then the direction of play around the circle is reversed, and it is the previous player’s turn once more.

If someone says a famous person who is known by just a single name (such as Madonna or Pele), then the play skips a player out in the circle. So it is then the next but one person’s turn, and play continues in the same direction.

No repeats of a name are allowed – it is up to everyone to remember what has already been said. If someone does repeat a name that has already been used and it is noticed then they must down their drink.

It is up to the group as to what they define as a ‘famous person’. One way to do this is that at least two people in the group must have heard of them for the name to be allowed.

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