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Ibble Dibble

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A tongue-twisting drinking game played with players around a table, a cork and a lighter/matches.

Firstly, take the cork and, using the lighter or matches, blacken one end of it. Then assign each player a number (e.g. numbers 1 to 6 if there are six players in the game).

In the game, an ibble dibble is how to refer to players in the game. A dibble ibble is how to refer to a black mark on a player’s face made by the cork.

Whoever starts passes play onto somebody else by stating who they are, how many black marks they have, who they are passing play onto, and how many black marks that player has, in the following fashion… if player 1 passes onto player 4, then player 1 says “This is number 1 ibble dibble with no dibble ibbles calling number 4 ibble dibble with no dibble ibbles“.

Player 4 then immediately responds in a similar fashion, passing on to whoever he/she chooses.

If there are any hesitations, incorrect wording or getting the number of dibble ibbles wrong, then the culprit receives a black mark from the cork on the face and drinks two fingers.

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