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I Have Never

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Players in the group take turns. On their turn, they must say a statement beginning with the words “I have never…“, the idea being that this statement is true about themselves – that is, if they don’t want to have to drink!

Whoever in the group the statement does not apply to then has to drink a penalty amount of two fingers.

For example, if the person says “I have never been to France“, then anyone in the group who has been to France must drink two fingers.

If the statement doesn’t apply to anyone then the person whose turn it is drinks two fingers instead. So, in the above example, if nobody in the group has been to France then the person who said “I have never been to France” drinks.

On your turn, you should look to try and make as many people drink as possible, or you could try to extract some juicy secrets! A great game of ‘I have never’ is the adult version, you can buy it to the right from ebay.com, Ive got a set and it makes the game great fun, I highly recommend it. You’ll have a blast with it!

The game continues with everyone taking their turn.

Players are encouraged to be as truthful and as open as possible!

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