Hey Gary

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This drinking game is a quick fire exchange of the same words and the first person to make a mistake drinks!

Whoever starts (we’ll call them player 1) turns to someone else (player 2) and says “Hey Gary“. Player 2′s response to player 1 is “Yeah Gary?“. Player 1 then responds, whilst looking at someone else (player 3), “Tell Gary“.

Player 2 then turns to player 3 and says: “Hey Gary“. Player 3: “Yeah Gary?“. Player 2 turns to player 4 and says “Tell Gary“.

This is repeated over and over again and as quickly as possible.

When a player makes their first mistake (making a mistake includes saying the wrong thing or looking at the wrong person), they drink one finger. From them onwards, they place one finger on their forehead and instead of being called ‘Gary’ during play, they are called ‘One Finger‘.

When a player makes their second mistake, they drink two fingers. They then put two fingers on their head and are referred to as ‘Two finger‘, and so on for more mistakes and more fingers.

After five fingers is reached, that player is out of the game.

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