Fuzzy Duck

Drinking Games

A tongue-twisting drinking game played around a circle based on the phrase ‘Fuzzy Duck’.

The first player starts the game off by saying “To my left…” or “To my right…“, followed by “Fuzzy Duck“. This starts the game in the specified direction.

The next player can repeat “Fuzzy Duck” to carry on passing it around the circle, or they can say “Does He?” which means the direction of play is changed.

If the direction is changed, the player the game is ‘rebounded’ back to must now say “Ducky Fuzz“.

The next player can then repeat “Ducky Fuzz” or say “Does He?“, after which play is reversed again, and the next player must say “Fuzzy Duck“, and so on.

If any mistakes are made in terms of the order of play or the pronunciation of the correct phrases, then that player must drink three fingers.

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