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Foriegn Language Yeehaa!

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This drinking game is played with everyone sat around in a rough circle performing actions to pass the play on. The first person to make a mistake drinks three fingers.

The basic version of the game is first explained, and then harder (but more fun) variations follow.

Whoever starts yells “Yee-Ha!” and pushes their arm with fist clenched across their body in the direction they wish play to be in. This is shown in the picture below. This starts the game and the rest of the play must follow the following rules:

  • a call of “Yee-Ha!” accompanied by the arm and clenched fist pushed in the direction of play moves it on to the next player.

  • a call of “Hoe Down!” with the opposite arm to the direction of play pulled down as if like a barrier means the direction of play is reversed.
  • a call of “Hay Barn!” with both arms raised to resemble a roof above the head means the next player is skipped out.
  • a call of “Cow Girl!” with both hands cupped as if to cup your own breasts means the direction of play is reversed and a player is skipped.

No three of these may be used in a row. If this occurs, the offending player drinks a penalty three fingers, and the phrase “Three in a row” is sung repeatedly as an accompaniment to this.

The game ends when someone makes a mistake of any kind. That person must drink three fingers, but gets to start the next round.


Silent Yee-Ha!

This drinking game extends on the rules of normal Yee-Ha! (above) to add a silent element to it.

At any time in a game of normal Yee-Ha!, a player may say only the first word of the two phrases “Hoe Down!” or “Cow Girl!” – i.e. they can call either “Hoe!” or “Cow!“. At the same time they must still perform the respective action. The direction of play is still changed as if these were said normally, however, the game is now turned silent and the actions only are subsequently performed.

The game can be made loud again using the second word in the above two phrases – i.e. by calling either “Down!” or “Girl!“, still performing the actions. Again the change in direction of play occurs as normal, but now the game has been made loud again and calls must be made.

The three-in-a-row rule does not take notice of whether the game is loud or silent – no action can be repeated three times in a row.

“Yee-Ha!” and “Hay Barn!” may not be abbreviated to make the game silent – only “Hoe Down!” and “Cow Girl!”

The drinking game should always start loud!

Any mistake is penalised by drinking three fingers.

Foreign Language Yee-Ha!

This drinking game extends on the rules of normal Yee-Ha! (above), adding a foreign language element to it. You can make up phrases of your own, but here is an example of one – the Spanish version.

Similarly to Silent Yee-Ha! (see above), a call of just “Hoe!” or “Cow!” can be made at any time. This has the effect of changing the language of the game to Spanish. The actions are identical and have the same change on the direction of play, but the English phrases are replaced with the following:

  • “Yee-Ha!” becomes “Amigo!” if you are passing towards a boy, or “Amiga!” if you are passing towards a girl.
  • “Hoe Down!” becomes “Olé!
  • “Hay Barn!” becomes “Ariba!”
  • “Cow Girl!” becomes “Tick Beans!” (the origins of this phrase are a long story. Suffice as to say if you wish to express how attractive you think a girl is in a Spanish speaking country, no-one understands the phrase “Tick Beans!”)

The game can be sent back into English by using the second half of the corresponding Spanish phrases only. That is, you can say either “Lé!” or “Beans!“. Again the change in direction occurs as normally for that action.

The three-in-a-row rule does not take notice of whether the game is English or Spanish – no action can be repeated three times in a row.

“Yee-Ha!” and “Hay Barn!” may not be abbreviated to make the game Spanish – only “Hoe Down!” and “Cow Girl!”

The game can start in either English or Spanish.

Any mistake is penalised by drinking three fingers.

Grand Prix

This game is played in exactly the same way as Yee-Ha! (see above), except with the following actions replacing those of ‘Yee-Ha!’:

  • “Yee-Ha!” is replaced with “Neeee-owww!” as though you were watching a car whiz by in a grand prix. You must whip your head in the direction of play as though watching a car move in that direction.
  • “Hoe Down!” is replaced with “Eeeeeeee!” like a screeching of breaks and you must act like you are decelerating quickly.
  • “Hay Barn!” is replaced with “Pit Stop!” and you must hold your hand out in front of you as if to stop something.
  • “Cow Girl!” is replaced with “Crash!” and the new action is to cross arms in a brace position in front of you.
  • New action: “Gear change 1-2-3-4!” whilst making the action of changing up through the gears doesn’t actually do anything and another action must be performed afterwards.

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