Finger it

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WOW! one of the best drinking games you can play!

**Its official, one of the BEST drinking games we have listed! (Scored 65% of the total vote in a bebo poll!!)**

A quick-fire drinking game with everyone sat in a circle and the last person in has to drink.

Everyone places one finger around the rim of a glass placed in the middle of the table. Going around the circle, each player takes it in turns to call out a prediction for how many fingers will be left on the glass when everyone has moved their finger, or not.

Just as the number is called out, everyone must then either leave their finger on the glass or take it away. This must happen quickly, without any time for thought.

The number of fingers left on the glass are counted, and if the person calling the number has guessed correctly, they are out of the game and safe from drinking. If not, that player stays in, everyone puts their fingers back on the glass, and the next person round calls a number.

The drinking game continues around the circle until only one person is left. They have lost the game and must down their drink.

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