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Drinking Beer

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What better way to cool your thirst than drinking beer! For many years, it has been mans (thats MANS not womens!) preffered beverage of choice.

Beer is essentially a combo of hops, yeast, barley, water and sugar, that is magically prepared and brewed to gain flavour, body and alcohol content.

Beer usually comes in cans, bottles or in kegs. Depending on your thirst!

Some beer facts you might find interesting:

In 1596, a Bavarian Baron passed a law permitting a purity law that beer only contain Barley, Water, and Hops

Beer is the second most popular consumer beverage, coming in behind tea!

Monks brewing in Bavaria are allowed to drink upto 5 quarts a day of beer

The worlds oldest official reciepe in existance, is for beer

Molsen is the oldest brewery in the USA known

In Japan, you can buy beer in vending machines and at train stations

Those who collect beer bottles or cans your are a labeorphilist by definition

While you might think America is the home of beer drinking, bourbon is its offical alcoholic beverage, by law of Congress

In 1935 the beer industry was renewed by a vinyl plastic liner developed for the inside of beer cans

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