Dirty Pint

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This drinking game uses a central drinking glass and a coin, its really easy and fun.

Each player takes it in turns. On their turn, they put any amount of their own drink they choose into the central drinking glass (the ‘Dirty Pint’). They then must toss a coin, calling which side they predict it will land on.

If they choose correctly, then the Dirty Pint is passed to the next player. He/she then adds their chosen amount and then tosses then coin themselves.

If they choose incorrectly, they must down whatever is in the Dirty Pint at that time.

The Dirty Pint is then passed to the next person and the game continues. We have many different pints, and the key is to get a decent sized one that can fit plenty of fingers around the rim, and hold lots of drink! I have included a whole heap of awesome beer mugs to the right, check them out and buy your favourite one today.

Try it out, its suprisingly addictive and competitive! No rules to learn or remember means that you can have plenty to drink and keep playing and having a good time!

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