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This drinking game is great fun for a stag do, hens party or other occassion. Heck, its great just for the hell of it too! If your doing one of the list challenges and someone is not present to verify it, photo evidence must be taken to qualify for the title!

See who can tick off the most things in one night, and be crowned the checklist king!

The idea is to go out for the night (ideally drunk….), and see who can get the most items checked off their list. You could add or customise your list to suit the evening or the occassion or the sex of the participants.

The List:

# Get an item of girls underwear

# Get a Pint glass

# Get a Bar Towel

# Get a Pool Ball

# Get a free beer

# Condom (new!)

# 10 signatures on your arm

# Kiss from a women visibly older than your mom

# Drink from a shoe

# Pants down or topless run of 100m

# Tampon

# Dance with two women at once

# Get a girls number on your body

# Kiss a women in uniform

# Do the YMCA dance and song with a stranger

Its a brilliant drinking game to try on someone, like a groom for a stag do, or perhaps for someone whos having a birthday!

You’ll have heaps of fun watching them get pissed, and try to complete all the silly challenges!

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