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This is an endurance drinking game. Beware! You will get very drunk…

The idea is simply to drink a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. I know what your thinking – A shot of beer, that cant be very hard! Take our word for it, a minute passes very quickly and it takes its toll very rapidly!

For those hard guys who arent convinced, try it with a double-shot glass and your sure to get drunk very fast….

Going to the toilet is fine, but only 3 vomiting trips (tactical or otherwise) are allowed. However, you must stick to the clock as much as possible and, if you miss a minute whilst you are in the toilet, you must catch up the quantity of beer in your next shot (i.e. if you take 3 minutes in the toilet you must drink those 3 shots with your next shot at the end of the next minute).

Only if you manage to achieve the feat without vomiting can you truly proclaim yourself a Centurion.

Centurions is so much fun, we play it whenever we want to get real drunk real fast! Its perfect for when your watching sports or something on TV, and we usually set a cellfone or a similar alarm to beep every minute, and with no discussion, you just chop back your drink!

Its awesome fun, and as far as my favourite drinking games goes, this rates right up there!

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