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Drinking Games

This is a drinking game played by voting in a group.

Whoever is in the minority receives the drinking penalty!

Taking it in turns each person asks a question and gives two possible answers. Examples of typical questions could be:

  • Which do you prefer: Lemonade or Coke?
  • Where would you rather live: Australia or South Africa?
  • Who would you rather shag: Angelina Jolie or J-Lo?

Everyone has time to decide which option they will vote for. Then, when everyone is ready, the person who asked the question gives their answer, raising their hand at the same time. Whoever agrees with this answer also raises their hands.

The votes are counted and the players who are in the minority of opinion in the group drink two fingers of their drink.

If everyone in the group all votes for the same answer as the person asking the question (so there is no minority), then the person asking the question drinks two fingers.

If the number of players in the group is an even amount and an equal number vote for each option, then everyone drinks two fingers.

Play then continues with the next person asking a question.

This is a game of honour and players should stick to the answer they have decided upon without being influenced by how others vote.

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