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20/20 Drinking Cricket

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In this game, you’ll need a group of around 20 people, split into two teams of 10.

Like normal cricket, youll also need cricket gear (bats, balls, wickets, gloves etc) and a pitch to play on.

Nominate people for the following roles:

-A captain of each team

-1 person on the team batting, to be ‘Drinksman’ and carry a large drink bottle with a potent mixer inside (tequilla sunrise is ideal)

1 team bats, while the other fields. 16 or 20 overs are played, with the following rules in place:

  • Captains to open batting or bowling
  • If your out for a duck (no runs) you drink a full vessel
  • Out for under 5 -drink two fingers
  • At least 1 run must be scored every 3 balls or your out
  • If you hit a six (out of park) nominate a drinker
  • One handed catch, the batsman must drink full vessel
  • Batsmen retire at 20 runs
  • Drop a catch – Drinksman feeds you 1 full vessel
  • Miss field – Drinksman feeds you 1 drink of mixer
  • For bowler, if he gets hit for 4 or 6 he drinks a shot of mixer
  • If you drop your vessel fielding, or spill it – drinksman administers 1 drink of mixer
  • The umpire (scorekeeper) can enforce and give a penalty as he/she sees fit, with a shot of mixer from the Drinksman!

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